FoneBee System Features

• Transfer (consultative & blind)
• Call hold / retrieve
• Consultation hold
• Music on Hold
• Up loadable music file
• 3-way conference
• Call pickup (global and directed call pickup)
• Call park & retrieve
• CLID (Calling Line Identification)
• CNIP (Calling party Name Identification Presentation)
• CLIP (Call Line Identification Presentation)
• CLIR (Call Line Identification Restriction)
• Per gateway CLIP manipulation
• Call waiting / retrieve
• Do not Disturb (DnD)
• Forward on busy, no answer, do not disturb
• Multiple line appearances
• Multiple calls per line
• Outbound call blocking
• Click-to-dial
• Redial
• Call history (dialed, missed, received)
• Auto off-hook / ring down
• Incoming only
• Configuration of individual Speed Dial softkeys

User Self-Control

• Every user on the system gets access to a personal Web user portal for self-management and control
• Management of voicemail
• Configuration of unified messaging preferences
• Time based find-me / follow-me
• Flexible configuration of call forwarding
• Personal call history
• Personal phone book, speed dial and presence management
• ACD presence and supervision capabilities
• Individual phone management

Dial Plan

• Easy to use GUI based dial plan manipulation
• Time-based dialing rules with different admin defined schedules
• Rules based least cost routing
• Automatic gateway redundancy and failover
• Specific E911 routing
• Permission based rules
• Prefix manipulation
• Dial plan management for international calling

User Management

• Call permissions:

  • 900 Dialing
  • International Dialing
  • Long Distance Dialing
  • Mobile Dialing
  • Local Dialing
  • Toll Free Dialing
  • Forward Calls External

• System permissions:

  • User has voicemail inbox
  • User listed in auto-attendant directory
  • User can record system prompts
  • Administrator access
  • User allowed to change PIN from UI
  • Custom permissions added by the administrator
    • User groups with group properties
    • Per user call forwarding (find me / follow me)
  • Allows definition of ring time before trying next number
  • Allows several forwarding destinations
  • Follow-me configuration using user portal

PSTN Trunking

• Unlimited number of PSTN gateways and trunk lines
• Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
• Local DID per gateway
• Automatic Route Selection
• Least-cost routing (LCR)
• Automatic failover if unavailable
• Automatic failover if busy
• FAX support (pass-through)
• Combining PSTN trunks with SIP trunks


• Personalized Firewall Rules
• DoS attack prevention
• HTTPS secure Web access
• Secure user SIP password management

System Administration Features

• Browser based configuration and management
• PDF or CSV export of call detail reports
• Integrated backup & restore
• Scheduled backups
• Display active registrations
• Status of services
• Automatic restart after power failure
• Server statistics (integrated graphs)
• Login history report (successful and unsuccessful)

Voicemail System

• Integrated voicemail system at no extra cost
• Browser based user portal for voicemail management
• Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
• Email notification of new voicemail messages
• Forwarding of message as .wav file
• Manage folders: Folders for message organization
• Manage greetings: Multiple customizable greetings
• Operator escape from anywhere
• Remote voicemail access
• Unlimited number of inboxes

Personal Auto Attendant

• Individual zero-out to a personal assistant or receptionist
• Individual selection of language
• Personal greeting

Auto Attendants

• Unlimited number of auto-attendants
• Customizable IVR menus
• Dial by extension and name
• Night and holiday service
• Special auto-attendant
• Transfer on invalid response
• Nested auto-attendants (multi-level)
• Fully customizable actions: Operator, Dial by Name, Repeat Prompt, Voicemail login, Disconnect, Auto-Attendant, Goto Extension
• Uploadable custom prompts

Hunt Groups

• Unlimited number of hunt groups
• Serial and parallel forking (rings sequentially or at the same time)
• Configurable ring time per attempt
• Enable / disable user call forwarding rules while hunting
• Flexible configuration of destinations if no answer

Call Park

• Unlimited number of parked calls
• Music on park
• Configurable call retrieve code
• Configurable call retrieve timeout
• Automatic park timeout

Group Paging

• Integrated group paging
• Unlimited number of paging groups
• Supports regular SIP phones using auto-answer
• Supports dedicated in-ceiling devices (SIP)

Analog Lines (FXS)

• Supports any FXS gateway
• FAX support (pass-through)
• Analog cordless phone support

SIP Trunking

• SIP call origination & termination
• Branch office routing
• Internet Calling rules define call routing
• Least-cost-routing (LCR)
• NAT and firewall traversal

Call Detail Records collection

• Call Detail Records collection
• Display of CDRs in the administration user interface in real-time
• Easy export to PDF or Excel of CDR data
• Individual call history in user portal

• Phones and gateways with support:
• Aastra, Polycom, Grandstream, Linksys/Cisco and more

Note – Some features are dependant upon other SIP components such as Phones and Gateways.

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